FLOSS (Free/Libre, and Open Source Software)

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Title Free/Libre, and Open Source Software
Synopsis This course teaches students engineering, product management, and business practices of open source.
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Module description

Modulbezeichnung OSS-FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source Software)
Dozenten Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, M.B.A.
Inhalt This course teaches students engineering, product management, and business practices of open source.It takes the classic form of a lecture with associated weekly exercises.

The topics of the lectures are:

  • Introduction to open source
  • Open source and intellectual property
  • Open source project communities
  • Open source software engineering
  • Corporate open source governance
  • Strategic corporate open sourcing
  • Open source developer foundations
  • Open source user foundations
  • Open source distributors
  • Single-vendor open source firms
  • Open source labor economics

More details can be found in the course syllabus at

Students of computer science (Informatik) should note that this is course is less about technology and more about economics and the software industry.

The course combines weekly lectures with homework. Homework typically involves reading materials and summarizing these readings in short one-page documents. Some homework consists of installing a tool (FOSSology) and using it to create a bill-of-material for open source projects, including checking for license compliance. Students should be able to install and use the tool.

The overall schedule can be found at Please sign up for the course on StudOn (link accessible through schedule spreadsheet) as soon as possible.

Voraussetzungen None
Lernziele und
  • Understand how open source projects work
  • Understand key aspects of the software industry
  • Understand how open source is changing it
Studien- und
  • Exercise participation
  • Homework assignments
Unterrichtssprache English

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