Information Needed for Recommendation Letters

If you (a student) need a recommendation letter from Prof. Riehle, please follow these steps:

  • Create a first draft of the letter yourself, with the intended audience in mind. Only you know what the recipient of the recommendation letter is looking for.
  • Do so only in plain text and provide the content to us in a simple text file, or ODT/DOC if necessary. No LaTeX please. Don’t try to imitiate any letter head.

As to the information we need from you. Your draft letter content should cover the following:

  • Your full name, date of birth, and immatriculation number
  • A short summary of how Prof. Riehle met you in class/what classes you took
  • Your self-assessment as to strengths and weaknesses targeting your recipient

Please use the language of the recipient. Also provide all necessary meta-information:

  • Why do you need a recommendation letter from us?
  • Do you need the letter back from us? Signed and sealed?
  • Should we send it directly to the recipient?
  • Anything else that helps us process the recommendation letter.

Please send this information to our secretary, cc:ing Prof. Riehle. Please let us know if there is any urgency or deadline for finishing the recommendation letter.

If it is not a frivolous request (i.e. we don’t know you), we will then create the requested recommendation letter for you. You should be able to pick up your copies (if needed) after about two weeks.

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