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Call for Presentations: InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2018

We, the Open Source Research Group at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, are actively involved with the InnerSource Commons – a group of practitioners and researchers working on and with inner source.

We are happy to forward to you the call for presentations for the InnerSource Commons Spring Summit 2018. Please consider sharing your inner source story!

This is to announce the opening of the call for presentations at the InnerSource Commons Summit Spring 2018. The summit comprises all aspects of InnerSource – the use of open source inspired development practices within the confines of a company or  other institution.

Submission deadline: February 28th, 2018

Submission form:

Summit date: May 16th – 18th, 2018 near Stuttgart, Germany (near Stuttgart)

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The scientific process illustrated

The main stages of science are (a) problem identification, (b) scientific collaboration, (c) problem solution, (d) celebration, and (e) communication.

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Full House for Peter Ganten, CEO of Univention, talking about Open Source Distributors

Today, in FLOSS our course on open source, Peter Ganten talked about the open source distributor business model. Peter is the founding CEO of Univention, a Bremen-based provider the Univention Corporate Server, a Linux distribution. Thank you, Peter, for teaching us about open source business models!

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Das Uni1 Projektkonzept (2016)

Abstract: Die­ses Pro­jekt­kon­zept schil­dert, wie Hoch­schu­len mit Unter­neh­men Pro­jekte mit Stu­die­ren­den zu beid­sei­ti­gem Gewinn durch­füh­ren kön­nen. Unter­neh­men pro­fi­tie­ren durch Recruit­ing, Out­sour­cing und Inno­va­tion („ROI“), wel­che sich durch die Pro­jekte erge­ben. Hoch­schu­len gewin­nen neue Part­ner, ver­die­nen an den Pro­jek­ten und bie­ten attrak­ti­vere Lehre.

Keywords: Industrie-Hochschul-Kooperation, Forschungstransfer, Geschäftsmodell

Reference: Dirk Riehle. “Das Uni1 Projektkonzept (2016).” Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Dept. of Computer Science, Technical Report, CS-2016-04. Erlangen, Germany, 2016.

The paper is available as a local PDF file and also on FAU’s OPUS server.

Have you seen this poster?!

With great distress we have to report that our precious poster, advertising the 2016 AMOS projects, was stolen from its board on the ground floor of the blaues Hochhaus. In response to this abysmal crime, we are calling every upright student and employee to help us find the poster by naming good reasons for why it might have been stolen. The providers of the best guesses as to why the poster was stolen will receive an open source T-shirt. Please find the details of how to submit your reasons on the new poster on our ground floor board (if it is still there, that is.)

State of Startupinformatik Talk and Discussion

Prof. Riehle will report about the state of the Startupinformatik initiative at START Nürnberg (FAU’s entrepreneur’s student club) on 2015-12-08 in Nuremberg. The talk and discussion will start at 18:30 Uhr at FAU’s WiSo, Lange Gasse 20, room 0.141.

ATE-Supported DATEV Praxistag 2015 zum Thema “User Experience Design”

Der ATE (Alumnivereinigung der TechFak) und die DATEV laden alle Studierenden zu einem Praxistag zum Thema “User Experience Design” ein:

Studierende der Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik besuchen die DATEV, eines der Fördermitglieder unseres Alumni-Netzwerks ATE, bekommen Eindrücke vor Ort und erleben die Praxis. Der Tag beginnt mit einer Einführung ins Thema Oberflächengestaltung und User Experience. Unter dem Titel User Experience, der Weg zur intuitiven Software für komplexe Anwendungen berichten danach Fachleute über thematische Herausforderungen. In einem Workshop werden von den Teilnehmern anschließend konkrete Anwendungsbeispiele erarbeitet. Beim gemeinsamen Mittagessen können Erfahrungen und Eindrücke ausgetauscht und weitere Informationen über die DATEV als Arbeitgeber eingeholt werden.

Wann: Mittwoch, 16.12.2015
Agenda und Informationen zur Anmeldung (bis 27.11.):

A Generous Gift of #Klebestabilisator

Anyone, who has ever ridden the elevators in the blue high tower knows: If it wasn’t for Klebestabilisator, the high tower would long have come crumbling down. Today, some friendly spirit put several Klebestabilisator into our mailbox. We are assuming that this gift is for emergency use, for example, when we have to claw our way out of the elevator if it stops in between floors again (as it occassionally does). Thanks to whoever gifted this to us!


The label on the Klebestabilisator reads: “Klebestabilisator: Do not remove! Load bearing element.”