Summary of the Summer 2023 AMOS Projects

This semester, the students of AMOS and COACH completed five AMOS Projects. The videos and project summaries below detail the final result of each of the projects:

  1. Apache Pulsar UI with Raiffeisen Bank International. A tool that enables streaming experts to analyze their Apache Pulsar Clusters in an explorative way to better understand their dataflows.
  2. OpenSearch Metadata-Hub with GRAU DATA. An Open Search based search engine that seamlessly imports from GRAU DATA’s Metadata-Hub.
  3. QAChat with QAware. A chatbot on Slack that can respond with company-specific information in German and English.
  4. KIT (Kubernetes Inventory Taker) with Icinga/ Netways. A user-friendly lightweight tool that empowers DevOps teams to monitor their Kubernetes resources, generate real-time analytics with intelligent monitoring and alerting ability.
  5. QDAcity Sandbox with QDAcity. A sandbox that allows registered and non-registered users to explore QDAcity.