2022/23 AMOS Project Testimonial by Siemens Energy

Michael Messner of Siemens Energy, the sponsor of Winter 2022/23 AMOS Project Firmware Scraper, writes to us:

“[I am] very pleased with the AMOS project this time around. I would go so far as to say that it was the best team we’ve had so far. Accordingly, I am also extremely satisfied with the result.”

The original German testimonial:

“[Ich bin] mit dem diesmaligen AMOS Projekt sehr zufrieden. Ich würde so weit gehen, dass es das bislang beste Team war, das wir hatten. Dementsprechend bin ich mit dem Ergebnis auch überaus zufrieden.”

Thank you, Michael, for working with our students and helping create a wonderful tool and learning experience!