Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2019-01

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New course on software applications with AI (SAKI)

We will be teaching, in German, a new course on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for real-world industry applications. Topic will be everything that is not currently done by our colleagues, that is, we are not doing image recognition. We’ll deal with financial data, automotive data, etc. Please note that the course will be run for the first time with industry partners Adesso, adorsys, msg, and Senacor, and therefore may be a bit rough around the edges. Please make sure you fulfill the requirements as described in UnivIS and on our website.

Two exciting software architecture projects in ARCH

In the upcoming semester, we will be teaching ARCH, our course on software architecture. We expect to have two exciting projects with industry partners:

  • With Siemens: We will analyze and suggest improvements on either the UI or the model backend of a Java + Javascript software (TeDeSo) in use at Siemens
  • With Elektrobit: We will analyze and suggest improvements for an existing software; specifically, we will review existing open source components for security vulnerabilities

Please attend the first class session to select a project and join a team. Students with a particular interest and already formed team can contact Prof. Riehle in advance of the course.

Easy money while helping science

We will conduct a study on domain modeling and are looking for participants. You will be compensated for your participation with 500 Euro. For this, you will need to be available for 5 weeks in June/July this year. We estimate the effort for each participant to be around 8-10h of work per week. You will be given textual data each week that you will have to analyse with the goal of creating a domain model from the data. We will instruct and guide you on the method to use. The artifacts will be collected each week and we will interview you  each week about your experience.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by registering using this form:

Classic teaching continues with NYT and FLOSS

In addition to our new course “software applications with AI” and our software architecture projects we will be teaching our classic courses

  • Nailing your thesis, preparing you best for a final research thesis
  • Free/libre, and open source software, explaining the engineering and economics of open source

See you in class!

Mitarbeiterstellen (Ph.D. positions)

We have new Ph.D. positions (Mitarbeiterstellen) available, in particular for machine learning projects. If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. and are interested in our research projects and topics, please let us know!

Programming student jobs

We are always looking for students who would like to work with us in any our research projects. Seriously, if you qualify, there will always be an open position for you. To learn more about our research projects, please see or just come talk to us!

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