Open Positions in AI, Software Engineering, and Open Source

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  1. Open student jobs in artificial intelligence
  2. Several Ph.D. student positions (Mitarbeiterstellen)
  3. Past issues and impressum

Open student jobs (Hiwis) in artificial intelligence

We have several student jobs available in which you will solve an AI programming problem using industry data. An example is performing a cluster analysis on financial data. The job is for 5h per week (up to 19h per week) for 6 months and starts on Feb 1st, 2019, or as soon as possible. We have four such openings and you will work with us and an industry partner in the preparation of the new Software-Anwendungen mit Künstlicher Intelligenz (SAKI) course scheduled for Sommersemester 2019.

If you are interested, please be in touch with Prof. Riehle at

We also have a student job for open source enthusiasts available.

Several Ph.D. student positions (Mitarbeiterstellen)

We have several fully paid TVL-E13 Mitarbeiterstellen (Ph.D. student positions) available. We are seeking to fill at least one position in each of these domains:

  1. Artificial intelligence in the implementation of recommendation engines
  2. Software engineering processes, in particular the use of open source methods inside companies (inner source)
  3. Open source governance and compliance inside companies

All three topics will be applied research, involving one or more industry partner. Topic 1 requires excellent programming skills and topics 2 + 3 require a good understanding of research method as we teach them in Nailing your Thesis.

If you are interested, please be in touch with Prof. Riehle at

Past issues and impressum

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