Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2018-01

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Newsletter!

  1. Summer semester teaching
  2. AMOS and Startupinformatik
  3. Softwarecampus and startup funding
  4. Research assistant (student job)
  5. Visual designer (student job)
  6. Programming student jobs
  7. Mitarbeiterstellen (Ph.D. position)
  8. Past issues and impressum

Summer semester teaching

We will be teaching AMOS, ARCH, FLOSS, and NYT this coming summer semester. We expect to have projects in AMOS, ARCH, and NYT. For more information please see

AMOS and Startupinformatik

With the goal of streamlining the creation of startups from our Master’s degree programs, we have now defined a new rhythm of semesters 1-4 for product managers (PROD-VUE, AMOS-PO, PROD-PROJ, Master thesis) and software developers (ADAP, AMOS-SD, AMSE, Master thesis). Please see and watch our blog for more upcoming information.

Softwarecampus and startup funding

Master students can acquire project funding to pay other students for a project of their choice through the Softwarecampus project, a German government initiative, please see If you can show how to channel these resources into a startup, Prof. Riehle will support you (you need a university-side sponsor). Feel free to talk to us about it. Please also note that the application period will start soon. You are best positioned if you are finishing your first semester and are planning a project for your third semester.

Research assistant (student job)

We have a research student job available, non-programming, about qualitative research. Your task will be to analyse the use of quality assurance methods in published research. The ideal outcome is a research paper that, provided there was sufficient intellectual contribution by you, might have you as a co-author. This job is ideal for every IIS student eyeing to get a Ph.D. after their Master’s degree. The best preparation for this job is to have taken NYT (Nailing your Thesis a.k.a. Research Seminar NCC 1701) with us.

Visual designer (student job)

We have a visual designer student job available. You should be able to use a graphics tool like GIMP to create logos and the like, and you should also be able to work on websites (ideally using CSS/HTML/Javascript or at least be fluent in WordPress). We have a broad range of projects available on which you might work, probably on all of them. Number of hours per week is negotiable.

Programming student jobs

We are always looking for students who would like to work with us in any our research projects. Seriously, if you qualify, there will always be an open position for you. To learn more about our research projects, please see or just come talk to us!

Mitarbeiterstelle (Ph.D. position)

We have new Ph.D. positions (Mitarbeiterstellen) available. If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. and are interested in our research projects and topics, please let us know!

Past issues and impressum

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