NYT Research Report: Technical Debt (In German)

For the last Winter Semester, a large German software vendor had posed the following question to us:

Please help us determine whether we have accumulated too much technical debt (and should invested now in quality improvement) or whether we can keep focusing on developing new functionality first.

To answer this question, the software vendor supplied us with relevant project management data. Under the guidance of Prof. Riehle, the student team consisting of Informatik Master students Marvin Kampf and Florian Wittmann got to work. The result is now available as a presentation (in German) and (separately) a final full report supplied to the industry partner. You may be surprised by the results!

This work is an example of a student research project that an industry partner initiated as part of our Nailing your Thesis (NYT) course, a course where students learn how to perform research. Applying quantitative analysis methods is one aspect of this research. Qualitative methods like interview analysis are another.

Coming Winter Semester 2014/15, industry partners will be able once again to initiate interesting research and have questions answered they never really find the time to dig in themselves! If you would like to learn more, please contact us.