AMOS Praktikum Shipped DosIS 1.0beta

The OSR Group’s Agile Methods and Open Source (AMOS) 2010 Praktikum concluded this week with the delivery of DosIS 1.0beta to its customer. DosIS is a web application + mobile app for collaboratively editing and quality-assuring a dosage information database used by practicing pediatricians. We call it (the technology for) a Wikipedia of Dosage Information. You can find the source code at

Tuesday this week we demoed the software at the Erlangen University Hospital, in the IMI Kolloquium. On Wednesday, our customer, Dr. Stefan Bernitzki of the Cologne University Hospital, provided the final review and sign-off for the software. We had a blast (and some pain) watching him use the software and walk through the features.

Dr. Bernitzki talking to attentive students

More attentive students listening

Dr. Bernitzki reviewing the web application

Markus Stipp, the product owner proxy (product manager)

Dr. Bernitzki and Markus Stipp discussing the web app

Dr. Bernitzki discussing the Android app (emulator)

DosIS is available on the web as a live application at


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3 Comments on "AMOS Praktikum Shipped DosIS 1.0beta":

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  • Dirk Riehle wrote on

    Hi Johannes — a Praktikum takes a lot of effort to prepare (and is less supported than a lecture by the University). I intend to run projects like the AMOS Praktikum every second semester, so look forward to the next instance (or continuation of this year’s) in SS 2011. –Dirk

  • Johannes wrote on

    I hope there will be similar Praktika in the future. Unfortunately no CS chair has disclosed any information about available Praktika for the WS10/11, but I’m mostly looking forward to hearing about the plans of your particular group.

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