Thesis Process

The thesis process typcially has the following components next to performing the actual research and engineering work:

  1. Thesis topic selection.

    To perform a thesis with our research group, you (a student) should address a Mitarbeiter or Professor about a topic and agree on it. As part of the topic discussion and thesis agreement, both parties should write down a thesis description or use an existing one.

  2. Colloquium participation.

    Computer science students must attend the group’s colloquium at least eight times in a selected semester, typically in the semester in which they write their thesis. Most presentations in the colloquium are about other student’s final theses. We strongly recommend that everyone attends, even if your degree program does not require you to.

  3. Thesis registration.

    All students need to register their thesis; we leave it up to you to decide when, but the respective degree program’s Prüfungsamt may have its own idea about that. Typically, earlier is better, and if only to discipline yourself.

  4. Thesis delivery.

    Already during discussion of the thesis topic, we typically determine the type of a thesis. Please see the thesis deliverables section about more information on what is expected of you as part of your final thesis delivery. For handing-in your thesis, please follow the respective procedure required by your degree program and your Prüfungsamt. Prof. Riehle only needs one physical copy of your thesis as well as a zip-file with all relevant data (see thesis deliverables).

  5. Be merry!

    After this, be happy and merry, get onto our alumni list, and make sure your friends, your and their children, and your and their grandchildren attend our fabulous university and write their final thesis with us!

Good luck!