Structure and Layout of Final Theses

Layout and Formatting

All theses performed and submitted to our professorship should use the same formatting as provided by these templates:

For citing relevant work and for providing its sources as part of the references section (bibliography), please use the APA style of citing, referencing, and listing sources.

Thesis Types and Structure

The content structure of a final theses, beyond the formatting, however, depends on the type of thesis. There are at least the following four thesis types:

  • Research thesis: A research thesis describes, describing your research design and results, has a structure similar to a research paper.
  • Engineering thesis: An engineering thesis, going into details of the design and implementation of some artifact, should have the classic form of a final thesis.
  • Teaching case thesis: A teaching case thesis creates a teaching case, discusses the used concepts, and presents a guide for teachers using the case.
  • Business case thesis: A business case thesis should at its heart contain a business plan that can be used to apply for grants for a startup.

In any case, students should be discussing the structure of their final theses with their supervisor early on.

Writing Style

Our course “Nailing your Thesis” provides advice on good writing style.

No C.V.

Some rules and regulations say you should add a C.V. (resume, Lebenslauf) to your thesis. We don’t want it. If you feel you must provide it, please only provide it as part of the printed thesis and omit it from the PDF. The PDF will get published on our blog and you don’t want your personal details to be found through search engines easily.

Other Information

Additional useful materials are being collected in this Drive folder.