Advanced Design and Programming

Riehle, D.
Umfang: 4 SWS (5 ECTS)
Termin(e) & Ort:
Zielgruppe: WPF IIS-MA (im 1. Semester)

WPF INF-BA (im 5. Semester)

WPF INF-BA-S (im 5. Semester)

WPF INF-MA (im 1. Semester)

WPF WINF-BA (im 3. Semester)


  • OSS-ADAP (Advanced Design and Programming)


  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, M.B.A.


Dieser Kurs wird auf Deutsch gehalten.

This course teaches principles and practices of advanced object-oriented design and programming. It is a 4 SWS class with additional homework and self-study, totaling 5 ECTS. This is a hands-on course and students should be familiar with their Java IDE.

Students learn the following concepts:


  • Method design
  • Class design
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Subtyping and inheritance
  • Implementing inheritance
  • Design by contract


  • Values vs. objects
  • Role objects
  • Type objects
  • Object creation
  • Collaboration-based design
  • Design patterns


  • Error handling
  • Meta-object protocols
  • Frameworks
  • Components
  • Domain-driven design
  • API evolution

The running example is the photo sharing and rating software Wahlzeit, see

Class is held as a three hour session with a short break in between. The class iterates over short lectures, discussion, and exercise chunks of 10-30min each. Students should bring a laptop with a well-working Java programming setup.

The overall schedule can be found at

Please sign up for the course on StudOn (link accessible through schedule spreadsheet) as soon as possible.


  • INF-AuD

Lernziele und Kompetenzen

Students will learn to

  • recognize, analyse, and apply advanced concepts of object-oriented design and programming
  • work effectively with a realistic tool set-up, involving an IDE, config mgmt, and a service hoster

Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

  • Class work (40%) + home work (60%)


  • Deutsch

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