Advanced Design and Programming

Riehle, D.
Umfang: 4 SWS (5 ECTS)
Termin(e) & Ort:
Zielgruppe: WPF INF-BA-S (im 3. Semester)

WPF INF-BA-W (im 3. Semester)

WPF INF-MA (im 1. Semester)


  • PSWT-ADAP (Advanced Design and Programming)

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, M.B.A.


This course teaches students advanced concepts of object-oriented design and programming. The course helps you design and implement software better and faster. It is independent of any particular application domain, so it is not about efficient database performance or robust network protocols. The current planning covers the following topics:

  • Objects and Values
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Method Design Principles
  • Modeling and Inheritance
  • Implementing Inheritance
  • Design by Contract
  • Role Objects
  • Collaboration-based Design
  • Design Patterns
  • Object Creation
  • Singleton Objects
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Framework Design
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Meta-Object Protocols For the current topic list see;

    it is likely to change; your feedback is welcome.

The 4 SWS will be spent as chunks of lecturing followed by exercises; you should be savvy with your IDE.

There should be a StudOn class section with additional materials; please make sure you sign-up. If the materials aren't there yet, they'll be coming soon.

For the schedule see


  • Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen
  • Additional programming experience

    Lernziele und Kompetenzen
  • Conceptually understand principles of advanced object-oriented design and programming
  • Comprehensively apply these advanced principles in software design and programming

    Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

Students have to fulfill these duties

  • class participation
  • homework provision Grades are based on linearly combining the individual grades as weighted by the amount of work (ECTS) needed for it.

For more information see


  • English or German, decided during first session

    Vorbereitende Literatur
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