Riehle, D.
Termin(e) & Ort:
  • Montag, 08:15 - 09:45, 04.150
Zielgruppe: WPF CE-MA-SEM (ab 1. Semester)

WPF INF-BA-SEM (ab 4. Semester)

WPF INF-DH-SWE (ab 4. Semester)

WPF INF-MA (ab 1. Semester)

WPF IuK-DH-SEM (ab 1. Semester)

This is the


part of the

Software Architecture

Seminar Module

  • Modulbezeichnung: Software Architecture
  • Dozenten: Dr. Martin Jung, Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, M.B.A.
  • Time and location: Mondays 9:00-10:30, Blaues Hochhaus 04.150


The architecture of a software system describes the key components of the system, their relationships and structure, and the behavior and dynamics of their relationships and structure. This seminar presents and discusses the following key aspects of software architecture:

  • Basic building blocks and relationships
  • Software architecture description languages
  • Software architecture styles and patterns
  • Libraries, frameworks, and plattforms
  • Formal as well as de-facto industry standards
  • Noteworthy systems and their architectures
  • Non-technical criteria in software architecture
  • Tools for software architects
  • The role and function of the software architect

This Seminar module has two main class components, ARCH and ARCH-TALK.

  • The ARCH class is conducted in traditional seminar style. Students pick a topic and present about it in class. We then discuss its content.
  • ARCH-TALK is a multimedia-based class. Every session we watch a video and discuss it in class. For more information see

ARCH and ARCH-TALK are run as a block from 9am – noon on Monday morning. For past ARCH seminar impressions see

. There should be a StudOn class section with additional materials; please make sure you sign-up. If the materials aren't there yet, they'll be coming soon.

Lernziele und Kompetenzen

  • Understand key concepts of software architecture
  • Understand the role and function of an architect
  • Understand industry relevant software architectures

Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme


Einpassung in Musterstudienplan

  • Informatik Bachelor: During or after 4th semester
  • Informatik Master: During or after 1st semester

Verwendbarkeit des Moduls


Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

ARCH (80%):

  • seminar presentation (50%)
  • active class participation (50%)

ARCH-TALK (20%):

  • summary homework (50%)
  • class participation (50%)

For more information see


  • Berechnung Modulnote: ARCH (80%) + ARCH-TALK (20%)
  • Turnus des Angebots: Every two semesters
  • Wiederholung der Prüfungen: N/A
  • Arbeitsaufwand: 60h in class, 90h pre- and post-work
  • Dauer des Moduls: 1 semester
  • Unterrichtssprache: Englisch or German, decided during first session

Vorbereitende Literatur

  • None yet.


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