Course Overview

We teach software engineering as the professorship of open source software and as a member (and leader) of the research and teaching alliance applied software engineering (“Praktische Softwaretechnik”). We also contribute to basic (mandatory) course teaching in computer science and service German-style “business informatics” (information systems or “Wirtschaftsinformatik”).

Core Teaching / Courses

Code Name and Link to Summary Language Regularity Blog Posts
ADAP Advanced Design and Programming German Winter semester More info
AMOS Agile Methods and Open Source English Summer semester More info
AMSE Continuous Software Engineering German Winter semester More info
ARCH Software Architecture German Summer semester More info
FLOSS Free/Libre, and Open Source Software English Summer semester More info
KOLL Research Group Colloqium English and German Every semester More info
NYT Performing Scientific Research English Every semester More info
PROD Software Product Management English Winter semester More info

Curriculum Explained

The figure to the right describes our curriculum.

For Bachelor students of Informatik (computer science), we recommend you take AuD (algorithms and data structures) in your first semester, ISE (introduction to software engineering, in development, alternative to SoSy3) in your third semester, and ADAP (advanced design and programming) in your fifth semester. This should provide the basics of a Bachelor-level software engineering education. If you have an interest in scientific research, you may want to add NYT, our course on performing scientific research.

For technical Bachelor students of Wirtschaftsinformatik, we recommend the same as for Bachelor students of computer science.

For Master students of Informatik, we recommend you take TEAM (high-performance teamwork, in development) and then AMOS, our course on agile methods with real industry involvement. Ideally you come in with ADAP capabilities or similar. You can also take ARCH, our course on software architecture and/or MACH (machine learning, in development). If interested in the business side of computer science, you may like PROD (software product management) and FLOSS (how open source is changing the industry).

For Master students of International Information Systems, we recommend you take PROD, our course on software product management. It is a requirement for AMOS. You may also like FLOSS, our course on how open source works, the business models it has created, their economics, and how this is changing the software industry and beyond.

Short Explainer Video

The folllowing video provides a short 15min overview of our curriculum and the reasoning behind it.

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