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Using CrystallBall, the Sweble Parser Demo

CrystallBall is our parser demo so that you don’t have to get down to code to check out the parser. It is a simple and easy way to see how we interpret Wikitext.

The general Sweble Parser documentation is on the wiki, naturally. Here are a few examples, though, for the hurried among you. Please note that we have not invested in style sheets to make HTML output look nice or like Wikipedia.org output (not our project goal).

Parsing the generic article (page) ASDF:

Some other articles:

The ultimate parser deathmatch Wikipedia article page (courtesy of Luca Dealfaro of WikiTrust fame):

And finally some XPath queries:

Have fun! And please let us know if your favorite article doesn’t do what you think it should do!

Announcing the Open Source Sweble Wikitext Parser v1.0

We are happy to announce the general availability of the first public release of the Sweble Wikitext parser, available from http://sweble.org.

The Sweble Wikitext parser

  • can parse all complex Wikitext, incl. tables and templates
  • produces a real abstract syntax tree (AST); a DOM will follow soon
  • is open source made available under the Apache Software License 2.0
  • is written in Java utilizing only permissively licensed libraries

You can find all relevant information and code at http://sweble.org – this also includes demos, in particular the CrystalBall demo, which lets you query a Wikipedia snapshot using XQuery. (The underlying storage mechanism is not particularly well-performing, so you may have to wait a little if load is high.)

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