Barcomb, Ann


  • Ich spreche kein Deutsch.
  • Office hours are by appointment only.
  • During the construction in Martenstraße 3, I can be found in my temporary office

Temporary office

Building Haberstrße 2
Room 415
Phone none

Permanent office

Building Martenstraße 3 (blue tower)
Room 11.135
Phone +49 9131 85 – 27994

Member of the OSR group since 01.01.2013.  My current research interests are in the area of open collaboration and management of FLOSS communities.

I hold a Master of Science degree in International Business with a specialization in Information Systems from Maastricht University. My master’s thesis (free download; original publication link; hardcover purchase link) examined Free Software businesses as social entrepreneurships. For my publications, please refer to Dirk Riehle’s publication list, my personal website, my Google Scholar profile, or my ORCiD profile.

In formal documents (such as a thesis) I can be referred to as Ann Barcomb, MSc or Drs. Ann Barcomb (the first is preferred, as the second is not used in the German system).

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