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Impressions from the TEAM workshop for the 2017 AMOS Projects

Today many AMOS students joined our TEAM workshop. They did some team building and had fun playing with Lego. Now good luck with all the AMOS projects! See today’s highlights below.

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Preparing TEAM for the 2017 AMOS Projects

Shortly before the 2017 AMOS projects start, we will hold the TEAM workshop on April 20th. TEAM prepares students for high-performance teamwork; it is open for AMOS students only. We will start at 9am, please make sure to reserve the day. (TEAM is optional, but strongly recommended.) Below please catch a glimpse at some of the preparation work.

Fun at the 2015 TEAM Workshop

In the run-up to this year’s AMOS projects, we held the TEAM workshop to teach students about teamwork. Below, please find some photo impressions.

Heads-up on TEAM Workshop on 2015-04-10

On April 10, 2015, we will hold the TEAM workshop, a one-day workshop to introduce students to teamwork and its problems and solutions. Specifically, we will teach tools that students will need in AMOS, our course on agile methods and open source. While not mandatory, we strongly recommend to participate in this workshop to be best prepared for upcoming projects.

Announcing TEAM, the Teamwork Workshop

With the move to project work in most of our courses, we are introducing TEAM, a one-day workshop that sensitizes students to the challenges of teamwork. In TEAM, you will learn essential tools of teamwork.

The workshop will take place on April 4th, 2014, 9:00-17:00 Uhr, for the first time. The room will be 11.150 in the blaues Hochhaus in Erlangen.

TEAM is not mandatory, however, it is strongly suggested that you participate if you intend to take one of our courses AMOS, ARCH, or PROD during the summer semester.

To get an idea, please review the schedule and the syllabus. Please also sign-up on StudOn so that we can reach you by email.