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Startupinformatik Testimonial by TRANScurity

The TRANScurity team writes to us:

Vielen Dank an Dirk und Andreas für die Möglichkeit, unsere Malware Forensic Plattform (TRANScurity) in dem Kolloquim vorstellen zu können. Das Feedback von Dirk und seinem Team hat uns ausgesprochen gut geholfen die Präsentationsinhalte für weitere Investoren-Pitches auszuarbeiten und unsere Präsentationsstruktur, Vortragsweise und Inhalte zu verbessern. Die Notizen von Dirk aus Investorensicht zur Präsentation sind wirklich Gold Wert und wir wissen dass es selten ist, in dem Umfeld ausgearbeitetes Feedback von jemand mit viel Erfahrung zu bekommen. Zudem hat uns Dirk weiterführende Unterlagen zu Businessmodellen im Open Source gegeben, die uns helfen ein passendes Geschäftsmodell für unseren Use Case zu entwickeln. Nochmal vielen Dank für alles!!

Raoul Alexie, Jonathan Nowak, Andreas Lück, Albert Werner

Gern geschehen und good luck guys! May the gods of entrepreneurship smile upon your venture.

Startupinformatik Testimonial by WIMO

Daniel Lohse of WIMO writes to us about pitching at KOLL, our colloquium:

Thank you Dirk & Team for the great feedback. It was a pleasure to present WIMO and how we will help learners to establish a sustainable practicing habit to master any skill they want.

Thanks to your questions followed by the intense discussions, we could figure out the strengths and weaknesses of our business. Especially Dirk’s deeper look into our marketing plan made us aware of on what we have to work on next.

Good luck, guys!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Sinnovate

We just received a Startupinformatik testimonial from Sinnovate, a local startup working on a software for kindergartens.

We offer a system for reservations in kindergartens which handles the whole process, starting from research, to inquiry, to the final accommodation of the child. Our vision is to give parents and educationalists more time for their children by not losing it in administration.

In 2015 we won the “STARTstipendium”, which is a sponsorship for the best start-ups in Nuremberg. In April 2016 we then founded our company “Sinnovate”.

The pitch during the colloquium was the first one clearly devoted to a financial focus. It was a very interesting and helpful experience to present our product not only to customers but also a “potential investor”. Especially the feedback by Prof. Riehle was very helpful for us to improve our presentation style.

For the team, Leonard Hohenbild

Good luck, guys!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Stealth Startup

We just received another Startupinformatik testimonial, this time by a stealth startup working on intelligent email solutions.

With our email client we want to rethink the way we experience email communication. Through the design of a fundamentally new user interface combined with a smart handling of emails based on artificial intelligence we provide a solution that enhances user experience and efficiency. Since artificial intelligence forms an advanced area of computer science, Prof. Riehle’s feedback about the feasibility of our business plan was very important to us. Therefore we were very happy about his offer to pitch our startup during his colloquium. Through the valuable feedback of Prof. Riehle himself as well as from his colleagues and students we gained comprehensive advice both from business and technical perspective. We highly recommend start-ups in technology to follow the offer of Prof. Riehle and to consider an early stage presentation within his colloquium.

Michael, Anton and Pranav

Good luck, guys!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Have-you-been-here

We just received another Startupinformatik testimonial, this time by HYBH (Have You Been Here).

HYBH is a free social travel platform that allows users to create and share personal travel experiences. By using a unique recommendation system, every user can filter results based on recommendation of friends and individual preferences. Due to Prof. Riehle’s expertise, HYBH decided to pitch in front of his colloquium and received valuable feedback. Prof. Riehle provided HYBH with insight knowledge, with the support of Prof. Riehle, HYBH won the Elevator Pitch competition at Universität Bayreuth. The team will stay in touch wih Prof. Riehle and highly recommends any of his startup lectures.

Phillip Pham, Founder HYBH

Good luck, Phillip!

First Prize at the 2015 Hochsprung-Awards

Our Startupinformatik concept for creating startups from (Master) student teams just won the first prize at the Hochsprung-Awards. We were represented by Mitarbeiter Hannes Dohrn and entrepreneurial student Matthias Lugert. Prof. Riehle could not participate, because he was giving a speech on open source in the Berlin Abgeordnetenhaus as part of the open IT summit. So he recorded a short video message for the Hochsprung-Award celebrations, which you can watch below.

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Netdosis AG

Netdosis was a successful FAU startup that we helped initiate. Its CEO writes to us:

Netdosis was a software startup that evolved out of the 2010 AMOS Project. Netdosis developed software and a database for drug dosage information for children, a severely underserved market. In 2013 we successfully sold the company to an established vendor. We were the first showcase for Prof. Riehle’s Startupinformatik process. Using his extensive network, he helped form the team and introduced us to business angels for advice and financing. We received EXIST and FLÜGGE funding and Prof. Riehle hosted us at the university. He invested in the company and accompanied us along the way, supporting us in sales and technology strategy, among others.

Markus Stipp, Vorstand (CEO), Netdosis AG

Congratulations, guys, on your successful exit!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by My Möbelstück UG

My Möbelstück was a successful FAU startup which took part in our AMOS course. Its CEO writes to us:

My Möbelstück was a startup that allowed customers to design their own furniture using a 3D configurator. When ordered, the furniture was produced by traditional carpenters which worked together with us. in 2013 we visited some lectures at Prof. Riehle’s Chair and discovered software engineering and agile methods in the AMOS course. After this we decided to use this methods to create our own business. Prof. Riehle provided us with substantial feedback on our business model and helped fine-tune our pitch to investors. He also connected us with an potential investor. We won several business plan competitions and finally sold our company in 2015.

Dominic Lindner, Geschäftsführer (CEO), My Möbelstück UG

Congratulations on your successful exit!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Appwork GmbH

Appwork is a successful FAU startup that we support. Its CEO writes to us:

Appwork is a software product company. We are mainly known for the JDownloader file downloading application, but have been increasing our product portfolio with enterprise applications like software update services. In 2010 we participated in Prof. Riehle’s course “The Firm” in which we learned about and discussed business models for software product companies. We continued the collaboration and received guidance and support from Prof. Riehle and his network of business angels. In 2014 we (the founders of Appwork) finished our Master Theses under Prof. Riehle’s supervision and have since been focussed full-time on growing Appwork. We are grateful for the support and guidance we received and strongly recommend to other startup teams that they seek out his support as well.

Thomas Rechenmacher, Geschäftsführer (CEO) Appwork GmbH

Appwork is profitable and intends to grow over the next years (ask us about job opportunities or contact Thomas directly).

Congratulations to the Thomas Rechenmacher and Daniel Wilhelm, the entrepreneurial founders of Appwork!