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Second week of winter semester busier than ever

FAU students are a happy bunch, always social and eager to learn. As a passerby on the stairs remarked:

These students must by lining up to register for our classes.

FAU is the 6th most innovative university in Europe

In the rankings game, FAU scored big again, and was named 6th most innovative university in Europe in 2017, according to this Reuters report.

Top Ranking for FAU as Innovative University Again

Reuters ranked European universities again as to their innovativeness, i.e. how they turn research into innovation and ultimately practical applications.

FAU comes in sixth, one seat behind TUM, annoyingly enough, but also not too shabby either. The third German university in the top 10 is “University of Munich” by which Reuters means LMU. So, according to this ranking, the three German universities leading in innovation are all from Bavaria.

Read more on the Reuters site at

Another Ranking, this Time FAU is #123 in Research World-Wide

The FAU public relations office points to another ranking (in German), this time the Times Higher Education ranking of 2015, which lists FAU as the 123rd best research university in the world. Weirdly, it is only the 12th best university in Germany. This speaks to the overall research strength of German universities, I guess. The article also suggests that the strength of FAU are its MedFak and TechFak, i.e. the medical researchers and engineering researchers. Not surprisingly, to those who didn’t know, we call this region “medical valley”.

FAU is #2 in Germany, #52 world-wide in Innovation

According to a recent Reuters ranking, FAU is the second most innovative university in Germany, and number 52 in the world. Innovation is counted by number of patents and publications, with an added focus on industry relevance and cooperation. Within Germany, TU Munich edged out FAU, but only barely (TUM is #50 world-wide). Go Friedrich-Alexander! (I guess.) Learn more in the original Reuters report and FAU’s comments on it (in German).

Inforeihe Auslandsaufenthalte während des Studiums im WS14/15

Eine Information des Referats für internationale Angelegenheiten:

21.10.2014: Studium und Praktikum im Ausland: Überblick über Programme und Länder
18:00 Uhr pünktlich, Kollegienhaus, R. 1.019

Anbei Information und Poster.

Public Open Access Lunches at FAU (in German)

Everyone: If you are interested in Open Access and work at FAU or are a student, here is a chance to meet like-minded people as a part of the Open Access week at FAU:

[…] Die kommende Veranstaltungsreihe zur Internationalen Open Access Week vom 20. – 23. Oktober nimmt den Publikationsfonds und andere unterstützende Angebote zu Open Access Publizieren an der FAU in den Fokus. Wir laden herzlich ein zu “Open Access Lunches”, d. h. sich nach den Vorträgen von 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr zwanglos mit den Experten der Universitätsbibliothek, der Verlage (BioMed Central / Verlagsgruppe Springer Science+Business Media, Royal Society of Chemistry) und Creative Commons, der gemeinnützigen Organisation für Open-Content-Lizenzen auszutauschen. Alle Lunches finden in der Alten Universitätsbibliothek, Sitzungssaal (2. OG) statt.

You can find more information at; to register send email to

A Matter of FAU Pride and Research Competence

Siemens and FAU have agreed on a new sweeping collaboration contract, making FAU one of the eight preferred research partners of Siemens, world-wide. FAU joins the ranks of RWTH Aachen (Germany), MIT (U.S.A.), and Tsinghua University (China). For more information, please see this FAU press release or this Siemens press release.

FAU Open For Guest Professors

The FAU including the computer science department welcomes guest professors. We looked into the details and here are key pieces of becoming a guest professor at our department for about 3-6 months. This is open for established professors at other universities looking to have a sabbatical at FAU (and hopefully our group ;-)

  • You will receive a salary on the level of W2 (associate professor level, EUR 4,5K+ per month) or W3 (full professor, EUR 5,4K+ per month) based on your home institution’s classification
  • You have no officially required obligations, but we naturally would like to see you engage in academic activities with us and the university. Ways of doing this are:
    • Teaching a course; can be condensed to 1 or 2 weeks, i.e. does not have to run for a full semester
    • Teaching can be done for Bachelor, Master, or even Ph.D. students—to be discussed
    • Research seminars (teaching to Ph.D. students) or research collaboration (co-supervising students)
  • You are expected to visit for at least three months; six months is appreciated (and only makes sense)

For our own memory, internal links:


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Förderung von FAU Studierenden mittels Deutschlandstipendium

Interessierte Unternehmen können mittels “Deutschlandstipendium” von Ihnen als besonders förderungswürdig angesehene Personen während ihres Studiums unterstützen. Wesentlich aus Unternehmenssicht ist, dass es frühzeitig Kontakt zu Ihren Stipendiaten aufnehmen und sie durch das Studium begleiten kann.

Dies schliesst z.B. auch unsere Professur ein; unter unseren Studierenden und Abschlussarbeitern und -arbeiterinnen befinden sich zahlreiche Deutschlandstipendiaten und wir haben die Beziehungen häufig und konstruktiv für alle beteiligten Parteien fortgeführt.

Mehr zum Deutschlandstipendium auf den Webseiten der FAU sowie in diesem Flyer. Interessierte Unternehmen können sich direkt an Frau Martina Weber, Tel. 09131 / 85 – 70201,, wenden.