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Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2017-02

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Newsletter!

Table of Contents

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Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2017-01

Table of Contents

  1. “Wissenschaftlicher Anspruch”
  2. Lectures on Youtube
  3. Upcoming startups
  4. Studying in China
  5. Letter to stakeholders

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The 2016 Letter to Stakeholders (Year-end)

Welcome to the 2016 (year-end) letter to stakeholders of the Professorship of Open Source Software at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg! (Download as PDF.)

  1. Highlights
  2. Research
  3. Teaching
  4. Industry
  5. Finances
  6. Alumni
  7. Thank you!


In 2016, we started multiple new research projects and intensified the work on existing ones: Inner source with Siemens Digital Factory, Healthineers (former Siemens Healthcare), and Continental Corporation, open source governance with a large unnamed multi-national company, and continuous deployment and open data integration with several energy distribution companies and academic partners.

Following a 2015 ICSE paper, we published two top-tier journal papers in 2016, one in Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE) and one in ACM Computing Surveys. The TSE paper led to a journal-first invited research talk at FSE 2016, next to ICSE one of the two top software engineering conferences.

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Impressions from the 2016 Alumni Event

Thank you so much, Thomas (Diplom, 2014) and Daniel (Diplom, 2014), for hosting our alumni event in your office loft!

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Das Wichtigste in aller Kürze (August 2016)

  1. Bezahltes Open-Source-Hacken:
  2. Promotionsstellen in Open Source (Hacken):
  3. Student Job Virtual Machine Cluster:
  4. Student Job Systems Monitoring Dashboard:
  5. Software Engineering Camp 2016:

Student job: Install of a systems monitoring dashboard

We are looking for a student to

  • investigate different open source systems monitoring solutions
  • select the best fit and
  • setup a systems monitoring dashboard for the group’s services

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Student job: Set-up of a virtual machine cluster

We are looking for a student to

  • investigate different open source hypervisor and distributed storage solutions
  • select the best fit and
  • set-up a two-host virtual machine cluster

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First winner for best explanation of “who stole this poster?” mystery

We are happy to announce this week’s winner of the competition to find the best explanation for our missing poster.

The winner is Michael Weber. This is his ingenious detective insight into what might have happened (in German):

Auf mysteriöse Weise verirrte sich eine Gruppe Designstudenten ins blaue Hochhaus (der Anblick von außen hätte sie eigentlich abschrecken sollen..). Als Teile der Gruppe beim Anblick der Farbkombination des Postertexts in Ohnmacht fielen, tasteten sich die Anderen mit geschlossenen Augen in Richtung Wand vor und entfernten mit letzter Kraft das Poster um weitere Kollateralschäden unter empfindlichen Künstleraugen zu vermeiden. Wenn noch etwas Anstand vorhanden gewesen wäre, hätten sie das Poster wenigstens durch eine neue minimalistische Version im Bauhaus-Stil ersetzen können. Schade eigentlich. ;)

As always, we are amazed about the superior intellect of our students. Congratulations, Michael!

Letter to Stakeholders (Year-end 2015)

1. Summary

2015 marks the sixth year of the Professorship for Open Source Software at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Revenues increased, the group size did not change, and student numbers are up. Publication output was good and appropriate for our group size. Teaching remains strong, with continued interest and support for our project-based teaching model by industry.

2. Research

Our research goal is to understand how “open collaboration” works, see and and apply our learnings to software engineering.

2.1 Research Focus Areas

Our focus areas resp. projects remained stable:

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Impressions from First (Ever/Annual) Alumni Meeting

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