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Entry-level position in open source compliance at Software AG

Software AG, one of our industry partners, informs us about an entry-level position in the domain of open source governance and compliance, including commercial licensing and technology alliances. As always, feel free to apply directly or request an introduction and recommendation through Prof. Riehle.

AVL DiTest such Werkstudenten/innen für die Automotive-Softwareentwicklung

AVL DiTest schreibt uns resp. unseren Studenten und Studentinnen:

Im Rahmen des AMOS Projekts sind in unserem Unternehmen einige interessante Projekte entstanden. Wir suchen nun engagierte Studenten, welche uns bei der Weiterentwicklung unterstützen und diese vorantreiben. Daneben gibt es natürlich noch genug andere spannende Themen bei uns.

Einen kleinen Einblick gibt es auf unserer GitHub Seite unter

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Second week of winter semester busier than ever

FAU students are a happy bunch, always social and eager to learn. As a passerby on the stairs remarked:

These students must by lining up to register for our classes.

SUSE Linux Invitation for Students

Die SUSE Linux GmbH lädt Studierende ein, sie kennenzulernen. Aus der Email, gerichtet an Studierende:

Wir möchten euch heute auf unseren Praxistag am kommenden Mittwoch (08.03.2017) aufmerksam machen.

Wir haben folgenden Tagesablauf für euch vorbereitet:

10:00 – 10:30 Uhr – Begrüßung & Vorstellung der SUSE Linux GmbH
10:30 – 11:00 Uhr – Vorstellungsrunde Studenten
11:00 – 12:00 Uhr – Stand-up, Rundgang Büroräume
12:00 – 13:00 Uhr – Gemeinsames Mittagessen
13:00 – 14:00 Uhr – Jeopardy Quiz
14:00 – 15:00 Uhr – Karriere bei SUSE: Mitarbeiter und ehemalige Studenten erzählen von ihrer Laufbahn
15:00 – 15:30 Uhr – Bewerbungsprozess bei SUSE, Fragerunde mit der Personalabteilung

Falls Ihr an unserem Praxistag teilnehmen möchtet, meldet euch bitte bis 07.03. per E-Mail bei Christian Bruckmayer ( an.

Impressions from Business Plan Presentations in PROD

Below, please find some photo impressions from the project presentations in PROD, our software product management course. Students were given key use-cases from FAU startups and presented their findings in the form of an investor pitch. Thanks, teams, for all your hard work!

PSWT + OSS Teaching WS 2016/17 and Later

We have updated our slides explaining how and what we teach. You can catch a short video of Prof. Riehle going through the slides on Adobe Connect and on Youtube.

Future Mobility Days 2017 in Nuremberg on Feb 10-11

One of our industry partners, the Deutsche Bahn AG, will be hosting (but not organizing) the Future Mobility Days 2017 in their company museum in Nuremberg on February 10-11, 2017. The event will have a barcamp and a hackathon!

We also would like to point to Deutsche Bahn’s commendable foray into open data at, its open data portal. Check out the data sets and if you can, join one of their regular hackathons.

Senacor Innovation Lab and Smart Contracts using the Blockchain

Senacor, a Nuremberg-based consultancy and industry partner of one 2016 AMOS project, is offering a student job in a project on programming smart contracts using Ethereum, see the flyer. If interested, please contact Senacor directly. If you are a student of ours would like a favorable introduction, please go through Prof. Riehle.

The AMOS 2016 Project Show Case: Cognimaster

Team / Project Cognimaster reports:

In cooperation with the industry partner, Knowis AG, the team 9 of the AMOS project developed a product called “Cognimaster”. It is a cognitive service based web application, providing insights on unstructured (big) data from social media and news in order to obtain the Credit profile of a company.

Tapping into the newest technology of cognitive computing, the team used the Artificial intelligence technology from IBM (a.k.a. “Watson”) to explore the possibilities to aid decision-making in the financial sector. The application can be used to research any middle to large companies, taking into account the customers’ feedback on the companies and / or their products both directly from the customers, using twitter social network, and indirectly, using news articles available on the web. The cognitive services perform natural language analysis to define “sentiment” (positive or negative “mood”) of the text.

The main value of the product is that the customer feedback loop is shortened dramatically in comparison with the time, when the structured data starts “feeling” the impact of the customer feedback on the recent product launch or company – related news.

As the technology is still young, there is room for improvement of the unstructured data analysis results. With further development of this technology in future, highly precise big data analysis results will be available at any moment of time, revolutionizing managerial decision-making in not only financial industry, but many others as well.
Key words: cognitive computing, Watson, IBM cognitive services, artificial intelligence, credit profile, big data.