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Newsletter (to FAU Students) 2017-03

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Newsletter!

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FAU is the 6th most innovative university in Europe

In the rankings game, FAU scored big again, and was named 6th most innovative university in Europe in 2017, according to this Reuters report.

The scientific process illustrated

The main stages of science are (a) problem identification, (b) scientific collaboration, (c) problem solution, (d) celebration, and (e) communication.

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Student Numbers including Academic Year 2016/17

We track our performance by numbers. This includes student interest in our elective courses. We track those numbers as the number of students who signed up for the first session and did not leave right afterwards. Below, you can see our history of attracting students to our electives up to and including the academic year 2016/17.

Preparing TEAM for the 2017 AMOS Projects

Shortly before the 2017 AMOS projects start, we will hold the TEAM workshop on April 20th. TEAM prepares students for high-performance teamwork; it is open for AMOS students only. We will start at 9am, please make sure to reserve the day. (TEAM is optional, but strongly recommended.) Below please catch a glimpse at some of the preparation work.

The 2017 AMOS Projects Line-up

We proudly present the initial set of confirmed AMOS projects for the upcoming summer semester. All projects will be developed as open source software on Github. Please register on StudOn, if you haven’t done so already, to learn more about the projects and make sure get you a seat in the class.

Table of contents

  1. Augmented reality robot
  2. Raspberry Pi as user agent
  3. Alexa, your personal financial assistant
  4. Raspberry Pi as a simulated car
  5. Factory simulation
  6. Gradle cloud deployer
  7. Virtual account ledger
  8. Icinga mobile app

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Impressions from Talk on Cluster Management at Google

Today, Christian Nester, a team lead on Google’s GMail team, taught us about cluster management at Google. Below, please find some photo impressions. Thank you, Christian, for teaching us (again!).

Course Evaluations WS 2016/17 Posted

We posted the course evaluations on our course evaluations page.

Thank you to every student who provided us with feedback. Positive feedback is welcome and makes our day. Critical feedback that helps us improve our courses is equally welcome and appreciated. We will discuss this feedback in class.

At this moment, I can’t help to add a personal note. We made major changes this semester and naturally, not everything worked out perfectly. We see this in the constructive criticism that we will use to improve our courses. Still, one (anonymous) NYT student cared to write: “Prof. Riehle is the nerdiest, geekiest, coolest professor I’ve had at this university. Kudos for using xkcd and phdcomis to illustrate topics.” I don’t know about cool, but I’ll take nerdy and geeky in a heartbeat. Thank you to whoever wrote this!

Pricing of Enterprise Software Products

Today, Nikolay Harutyunyan taught his first teaching case in PROD, our software product management course. The case was on pricing enterprise software products. Also present was Ernst Haagsman of Jetbrains, the original case author. Both Nick and Ernst are graduates of FAU’s International Information Systems program. Congratulations, Nick, for a job well done!