Impressions from the 2014 AMOS Demo Day

On July 9th the 2014 AMOS Demo Day took place, with a total of 50 students and industry partners in attendance.

Five teams presented the results of their hard work, supported by industry partners and members of the OSR Group, managed by Prof. Dirk Riehle and his team. To the students the AMOS Demo Day was an experience they would never want ot miss, working, discussing and developing in groups with different cultures and backgrounds.

We would like to say thank you to all participants of this special day.

Below, please find some photo impressions from the proceedings:

AMOS (74)

AMOS (68)

AMOS (71)

AMOS (56)

AMOS (54)

AMOS (34)

AMOS (11)

AMOS (24)

AMOS (9)

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