Final Thesis: A Storage Solution for the WOM

Abstract: Most wikis store their pages (articles) as text blobs in an SQL database. A formal parser for MediaWiki’s markup format which drives Wikipedia and many other wiki instances has been developed by the SWEBLE project. This parser produces a structured document as Wiki Object Model (WOM) which unlocks the information stored in each article and enables refactoring and other technologies to the wiki world. These technologies require a storage solution for fast document access and preferably low memory usage. The goal of this thesis is to investigate available storage options for XML documents and implement an interface which supports quick, arbitrary searches over all articles and provides methods for refractoring the WOM documents.

Keywords: Wikitext, Swebe, WOM

PDFs: Bachelor Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Thomas Land. A Storage Solution for the WOM. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2015.

Jobs für Studierende neben dem Informatikstudium

Uns erreichen häufig Anfragen zu Studierendenjobs in der Wirtschaft. Wir vermitteln diese gern. Um den Prozess für uns zu vereinfachen, bitten wir Sie (Studierende) um zwei Informationen: (a) zu welchem Unternehmen Sie wollen und (b) einen Lebenslauf, den wir weiterreichen können. Eine Liste unserer Industriepartner finden Sie auf unserem Blog. Wenn dort ein Unternehmen nicht vermerkt ist, heisst es nicht, dass wir nicht in Kontakt sind—es heisst lediglich, dass die Liste ggf. aktualisiert werden sollte. Weiterhin hoffen wir, dass Sie auch unsere Forschungsgruppe in Betracht ziehen: Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach guten studentischen Softwareentwicklern mit Interesse an Forschung und Wissenschaft. Wenn Sie beide Information beisammen haben, schicken Sie bitte eine Email an Fariba Bensing, mit cc: an Prof. Riehle.

“The Next MacGyver” to be female? #NextMacGyver

This is not necessarily within our usual sphere of influence, but then we do have students leaving the country and migrating to the United States. Thus you might want to know about this fun call for participation in a crowdsourced project: The Next MacGyver. Specifically, the project is calling on engineers to contribute to a TV show script in which the main hero will indeed be a heroine, a female engineer, for a new show like the original MacGyver. This is part of the U.S. government’s effort to bolster female participation in engineering degree programs.

BayFOR and FAU Support for Malaysia Collaboration

Our research group is involved with several Asian universities (mostly in Hong Kong and Malaysia). We are glad to report to have received additional funding from BayFOR and FAU of about EUR 10.000 to continue our engagement with Malaysian universities. We intend to use the funds to drive forward our joing work on a large public grant proposal. These are exclusively (but generous) travel and accommodation funds, both for our Malaysian partners and ourselves.

Open Positions at Guidewire in Silicon Valley

Guidewire is a Silicon-Valley-based software company developing insurance software solutions. We are good friends with both engineering and product managers at the company. Guidewire is looking to grow; students can find job descriptions on this site: For the right person, Guidewire is willing to sponsor the necessary work permits for the United States. If you are interested, you can apply directly; we recommend, however, that you go through Prof. Riehle so that the application comes with a recommendation.

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Netdosis AG

Netdosis was a successful FAU startup that we helped initiate. Its CEO writes to us:

Netdosis was a software startup that evolved out of the 2010 AMOS Project. Netdosis developed software and a database for drug dosage information for children, a severely underserved market. In 2013 we successfully sold the company to an established vendor. We were the first showcase for Prof. Riehle’s Startupinformatik process. Using his extensive network, he helped form the team and introduced us to business angels for advice and financing. We received EXIST and FLÜGGE funding and Prof. Riehle hosted us at the university. He invested in the company and accompanied us along the way, supporting us in sales and technology strategy, among others.

Markus Stipp, Vorstand (CEO), Netdosis AG

Congratulations, guys, on your successful exit!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by My Möbelstück UG

My Möbelstück was a successful FAU startup which took part in our AMOS course. Its CEO writes to us:

My Möbelstück was a startup that allowed customers to design their own furniture using a 3D configurator. When ordered, the furniture was produced by traditional carpenters which worked together with us. in 2013 we visited some lectures at Prof. Riehle’s Chair and discovered software engineering and agile methods in the AMOS course. After this we decided to use this methods to create our own business. Prof. Riehle provided us with substantial feedback on our business model and helped fine-tune our pitch to investors. He also connected us with an potential investor. We won several business plan competitions and finally sold our company in 2015.

Dominic Lindner, Geschäftsführer (CEO), My Möbelstück UG

Congratulations on your successful exit!

Startupinformatik Testimonial by Appwork GmbH

Appwork is a successful FAU startup that we support. Its CEO writes to us:

Appwork is a software product company. We are mainly known for the JDownloader file downloading application, but have been increasing our product portfolio with enterprise applications like software update services. In 2010 we participated in Prof. Riehle’s course “The Firm” in which we learned about and discussed business models for software product companies. We continued the collaboration and received guidance and support from Prof. Riehle and his network of business angels. In 2014 we (the founders of Appwork) finished our Master Theses under Prof. Riehle’s supervision and have since been focussed full-time on growing Appwork. We are grateful for the support and guidance we received and strongly recommend to other startup teams that they seek out his support as well.

Thomas Rechenmacher, Geschäftsführer (CEO) Appwork GmbH

Appwork is profitable and intends to grow over the next years (ask us about job opportunities or contact Thomas directly).

Congratulations to the Thomas Rechenmacher and Daniel Wilhelm, the entrepreneurial founders of Appwork!

Einladung zur “Decode & Discover” CryptoRallye der DATEV eG

Die Young Targets Marketing Agentur schreibt uns im Auftrag der DATEV:

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Unternehmen DATEV veranstalten wir dieses Jahr die Decode & Discover – Cryptoralley welche am Dienstag den 17. und Donnerstag den 19. März statt findet. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Bustour von Nürnberg nach Hannover zur CeBIT. Neben jeder Menge Entertainment gibt es ordentlich Fachliches in frisch verpackter Form. Und natürlich eine Gaming-Area zum Zocken über unser Wifi im Tourbus.

DATEV header_cryptorallye

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